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Privacy Policy

I take privacy very seriously and I am committed to protecting the privacy of this site’s users. This site contains no first-party cookies, no analytics cookies and no advertising cookies.

The only cookie you will find is a third-party from the commenting system (FastComments) on this website - this is “required for [their] product to work for the user’s session, and is considered a functional cookie. [They] do not do any tracking that would affect or identify your user.” This cookie will delete itself after 30 days. This is classed as a strictly necessary cookie for the website’s functionality, and therefore does not require asking for consent under GDPR.

For reference: the following paragraph comes straight from their privacy policy, and summarises the data that is being collected by FastComments when you make a post:

FastComments goes go great lengths to store as little information as possible. We may not store any information that can tie a comment to you as an individual (unless you use a username that makes such a thing obvious).

Some of our customers, which we refer to as tenants, require us to store a hashed version of your IP Address for our moderation tools. We combine the IP with a secure salt before hashing.

We store all information in our secured infrastructure hosted by Linode.

If you comment with your email on a site that uses FastComments, FastComments will retain your email indefinitely to send you notifications. However, you can delete this information by either entering a bogus information as an email in the account edit page or by deleting your account.

You can find their full privacy policy at the following link: https://eu.fastcomments.com/privacy-policy.

If you have any issue with this then please contact me via any of the methods on the left sidebar.