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Added a Commenting System

Hello everyone - it’s been a while. As you may have seen, this is being posted on my New Site! In that post I stated at the end that the next job I had was to enable a commenting system. Well, I’ve finally got a new commenting system up and running! It’s only on a trial basis at the moment - but it’s looking good so far.

The commenting system is called Fast Comments. As I am lazy at the moment, my co-author for this article (GPT-3) has written the following summary:

FastComments is a fast, live, and flexible commenting solution that prioritizes speed and user experience. It offers easy-to-use integrations with SSO, webhooks, and automated migration from other platforms. It also features efficient moderation, code and markdown support, localized widgets and emails, notifications, adaptive themes, and more. FastComments is trusted by 1,900+ organizations and used by 530,359 commenters. It is GDPR compliant and offers detailed auditing, user management, and direct development and setup support.

Scroll down to the bottom to see the new comments section! Let me know what you think!